Appraiser Training (booking system box)

The RSU provides a variety of training opportunities in various formats to meet the standards described in the All Wales Appraisal Quality Management Framework (QMF).

GP Appraiser Training

Recruitment for GP Appraisers usually takes place annually, and after each recruitment round the CPD & Appraisal Training Manager, facilitates an e-induction for all successful candidates.

Following this, the Unit delivers a 2 day intensive training programme for all GP appraisers. The programme, delivered by 2 Appraisal Co-ordinators (ACs) covers numerous topics including; preparing for the appraisal, writing up column 3, and writing the PDP. The training ensures plenty of opportunity for role play with feedback provided by an AC. GP Appraisers are then provided with ongoing training 4 times a year via regional meetings and the annual National Training Day.

For further information regarding GP Appraiser recruitment and training please contact us.


The RSU has also developed Medical Online Appraiser Training (MOAT) as an alternative model of appraiser training. Used as a stand-alone online resource MOAT provides a useful overview for new appraisers, an update on key areas for existing appraisers and a specific section on the requirements of revalidation for appraisers.

Secondary Care Appraisal Skills

To obtain maximum benefit from MOAT the full Appraisal Skills training programme for Secondary care and Public Health doctors incorporates:

  • 8 modules of on-line learning accessible from this webpage
  • A full day face to face training workshop

Participants work through the online materials at their own pace, completing the exercises at the end of each module in preparation for the workshop. Workshops are delivered by the RSU’s training team and are usually run in Cardiff, although other locations can be organised on request.

If you would like further information about secondary care Appraiser training or are interested in signing up to one of the Appraisal Skills workshops, please contact 

Skills Refresher Training

The Unit is also delivering refresher skills training, for Appraisers who have carried out a number of appraisals and want to reflect on and improve their core appraisal skills, as well as review the quality of their appraisal summaries. It will allow the Appraiser the opportunity to meet and network with fellow colleagues.

MARS Training

The MARS training model was reviewed in July 2014 and the training is now delivered via webinar format in order to be more easily accessible for appraisers all over Wales. The webinars are delivered via OnSync webinar software and can therefore be accessed by any laptop or smart device, with an internet connection. These are delivered by members of the RSU Training team. There are two types of MARS webinar sessions available, these are:

  • MARS webinar - The course provides an overview of the MARS system from the Appraiser perspective, including how to add availability, book an appraisal and write up the appraisal summary.  This training is approximately 1 ½ hours in length including a demonstration of the Appraiser role and time for Q&A at the end.
  • MARS Refresher Webinar - The course provides an update on the changes on the MARS system which have come in since September 2013. This training is approximately 1 ½ hours in length including a demonstration of the MARS updates and time for Q&A at the end.

If you would like further information or are interested in signing up to one of the MARS webinars, please contact us.

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