Developing Doctors to Deliver (3D)

The 3D Programme is a free educational programme open to GPs, Hospital Based Doctors, Public Health Doctors and Dentists.

The 3D Programme is provided by the Revalidation Support Unit (RSU) of the Wales Deanery. It is designed to address the educational requirements of doctors who wish to extend their abilities in engaging with, and influencing, the service improvement agenda in NHS Wales. As well as developing strong clinical leadership at locality level, the programme supports local engagement and understanding.

The 3D Programme aims to:

  • Increase capacity to engage in the improvement of the NHS in Wales
  • Enhance ability to work within and to lead teams
  • Recognise and manage the barriers preventing improvement in patient care
  • Develop opportunities which can lead to improvements in the quality of care
  • Apply aspects of organisational theory to work place and project
  • Gain insights into the local NHS organisational development, to improve the delivery of care
  • Become part of a network of clinicians with a broadened understanding of the NHS with experience of trying to effect change at a local or national level.

Programme Structure:

  • Six one day modules per year in South Wales (Port Talbot)
  • Three one day modules per year in North Wales (Wrexham)

The programme runs from September to May and consists of six modules and applicants are encouraged to attend all of the modules.

Module Structure:

  • Morning session, Project Clinic: structured session utilising group approach to problem solving on individual projects, please click here for more on 3D projects.
  • Afternoon session, Skills and Knowledge: A combination of programme facilitators and external speakers.


  • Module 1: "I'm a doctor – Why don't these people understand me?" An insight for doctors into how the culture of an organisation can be used to influence it.
  • Module 2: Project skills for doctors: How to identify obstacles and find ways to overcome them.
  • Module 3: Negotiating skills for doctors: How to get ahead in healthcare.
  • Module 4: Practical business skills for doctors: How to get the most from meetings, and understand the principles of writing an effective business case.
  • Module 5: Leadership skills for doctors: Develop leadership skills which respond to the situation.
  • Module 6: Presentation skills for doctors: Persuading people that you are right......!

We have developed 4 interactive learning modules based on the content of the 3D programme, focussing on; Engaging & Influencing Skills, developed from 4 of the topics covered in the programme. These include Presentation Skills, Organisational Cultures, Running Better Meetings and Writing Effective Business Cases.

"The 3D programme helped me to solve problems, predict barriers, helped provide solutions, provided me time to think, and kept me going!"

"The 3D programme will undoubtedly affect my future vision as a doctor in a very positive way. I now feel more prepared and informed about how to manage future challenges in my professional life."

For more information please do take a look at our 2016-2017 annual report or contact  us directly.

Applications for the 2018-19 programme will commence in June 2018.


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