The Medical Appraisal Revalidation System, more commonly known as MARS, is a sophisticated online appraisal system designed to facilitate the appraisal process and to support individual doctors and Responsible Officers through revalidation.

Developed by the Revalidation Support Unit and first launched in August 2010, MARS became the single appraisal management system for all doctors with a prescribed connection in Wales from April 2014. MARS is managed by the Revalidation Support Unit and technically developed and supported by the Deanery’s Business Services Support Unit (BSSU). It is provided to GPs in Wales as part of the overall GP appraisal process which is managed by the Unit and the wider GP Appraisal Team.

What are the benefits to a single system of medical appraisal in Wales?

  • One consistent appraisal system for all doctors in Wales
  • A single appraisal tool to support Responsible Officers in making their revalidation recommendation
  • Consistent opportunities for all doctors
  • An automated link to the GMC

Click here to access MARS and MARS help and support pages.

MARS Servicedesk

A Servicedesk for any queries relating to MARS is available during office hours, 9-4, Monday to Friday.

029 2068 7407

MARS Enhancement Project (MEP)

MARS is currently undergoing a suite of enhancements as part of a long term project. The MARS service has matured since its initial release in 2010 and we now have an opportunity to use the lessons learned, recommendations and comments made to inform a significant development.  Over the next 12 months this project will focus on improving the user experience.

What will this mean for you?

  • A new intuitive user interface to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • There will be enhanced functionality to support your appraisal and revalidation needs
  • A new mobile friendly interface
  • Appraisal and revalidation information will continue to be held and processed securely

How can I get involved? 

We are committed to collaborating with all MARS users to develop the system.  Consultation events are currently running across Wales.

For more information on MEP or events in your area please contact the Revalidation Support Unit.

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