GP Appraisal

The Appraisal of General Practitioners (GPs) in Wales is managed by HEIW's Revalidation Support Unit (RSU). The service is provided on behalf of the Health Boards under a Service Level Agreement with the Welsh Government.

The aim of the RSU is to manage and deliver quality assured annual appraisal to every eligible GP with a prescribed connection to a Responsible Officer in Wales via the online appraisal system (Medical Appraisal Revalidation System – MARS).

Key Objectives of Appraisal

The Objectives of Appraisal (as agreed in All Wales Medical Appraisal Policy) are as follows:

1. Appraisal is a professional, formative and developmental process. It is about identifying development needs, not performance management. It is a positive process to give doctors feedback on their past performance, to chart continuing progress and identify development needs.

2. During their annual appraisals, doctors will use supporting information to demonstrate that they are continuing to meet the principles and values set out in Good Medical Practice.

3. The objectives of medical appraisal in Wales are to:

3.1 Provide individuals with an opportunity to: • Reflect on their practice and their approach to medicine • Reflect on the supporting information they have gathered and what that information demonstrates about their practice • Identify areas of practice where they could make improvements or undertake further development • Demonstrate that they are up to date

3.2 Provide assurances to their organisation/s and to the public that doctors are remaining up to date across their whole practice.

3.3 Provide a route to revalidation that builds on and strengthens existing systems with minimum bureaucracy.

Management of Appraisal in Wales

As noted in the Wales Appraisal Exceptions Management Protocol, annual appraisal is a professional responsibility for all doctors and a requirement of revalidation. For most doctors it is a contractual requirement, or a requirement of continued employment or inclusion on the Medical Performers List (MPL). The Designated Bodies (DBs) are responsible for providing and managing the appraisal process to all doctors with whom they have a prescribed connection.

The only route to appraisal for all NHS doctors in Wales is via the online Medical Appraisal Revalidation System (MARS). The protocol above focuses on how the minority of situations which diverge from the normal appraisal route will be managed by the relevant organisation, i.e. HEIW and/or the DB. It describes protocols which apply to a range of different exceptional situations. The aim of agreeing these protocols at an all Wales level is to ensure that exceptional situations are managed in a consistent, fair and supportive way.

GP Operational Procedures have been developed by the Unit to provide a more detailed explanation of the processes to be followed in the cases described in the Protocol, in line with the principles described therein. As such, they are of primary interest to the RSU, GP Regional Appraisal Co-ordinators, GP Appraisers and the Health Board teams responsible for managing GP Appraisal.

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