GP Retainer scheme

The GP Retainer Scheme is intended as short term support for GPs who have family commitments or health problems which restrict them from working in General Practice in the usual way as partners or salaried GPs.

This scheme offers flexibility and educational support. Our dedicated section in the MARS library holds a number of key documents if you are interested in applying for the scheme. It includes an overview and guidelines document, the application form, an FAQ document and the BMA Model Contract. A GP Retainer would be employed by the practice using the BMA model contract for retainers. This is based on the BMA model contract for sessional GPs. This gives guidance on such matters as the annual pay review for retainers, the amount of holiday and CPD time recommended and the length of the session to be worked by the retainer.

If you are unable to find the answer to queries you may have regarding the scheme in the documents highlighted above, please contact us.

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