To ensure the appraisal process itself is fit for purpose and meets defined quality standards, the Unit works to the agreed All Wales Quality Management Framework. We define Quality Management (QM) as an overarching framework for managing policies, systems, processes and activities relating to GP Appraisal in Wales.

The Quality Standards (QS) for GP Appraisal are based on national standards as defined by external organisations including the General Medical Council (GMC), the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and the Revalidation Support Team (England).

Additionally, the Unit works collaboratively with partner organisations both within Wales and further afield, to enable us to ensure the appraisal process meets the needs of key stakeholders and is continuously updated and improved to address changing external requirements.

Quality Assurance

At the annual Appraisal Quality Assurance (AQA) event, a random selection of appraisal summaries are examined against a set Quality Assurance Criteria. The information gathered from the event shapes future training and enhancements to MARS.

The Unit also has additional systems of Quality Assurance, including the MARS Feedback Survey, which is available for all doctors to complete following acceptance of their appraisal summary, and the annual Appraiser Survey. 



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