Revalidation: an introduction

Revalidation is the responsibility of the General Medical Council (GMC). It involves an assessment against a standard of fitness to practise, in line with the basic framework of the GMC's guidance Good Medical Practice and will allow a doctor's licence to practice to be renewed.

The GMC’s definition of the aims of revalidation: ‘Revalidation aims to give your patients greater confidence that you are up to date in the area of medicine in which you practise. It will also support you in maintaining and developing your practice throughout your career in medicine, by ensuring that you have the opportunity to regularly reflect on how you can change and improve your practice.’

While appraisal and revalidation are largely based on the same sources of supporting information, the objectives of the two processes are distinct and complementary. Appraisal is concerned with the doctor’s professional development within his or her working environment. The revalidation decision is made by the GMC based upon a recommendation given by a doctors Designated Body. The Designated Body will have based their recommendation on annual appraisal supporting information and clinical governance information.

Revalidation Wales website developed by the RSU

In collaboration with NHS Wales and Welsh Government, the Revalidation Wales website is designed to be an information hub for all involved in the revalidation process - doctors, Appraisers, employers and Health Board staff. It will be regularly updated as additional information and guidance materials become available.

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